Friday, June 7, 2013

Life Never Slows Down..

And I'm ok with that!! 

I LOVE being busy. I'm one of those people who likes to "do" and "do" constantly. Never wanted to sit still... recently I have appreciated those moments when I haven't been on the run ;-) 

Working two jobs and babysitting takes it's toll..but not just on me. If it only affected me, I wouldn't look back..just keep pushing through.  It's one of those things that takes discernment. I miss seeing my family, like I used to. It's a stage. A phase. Lots of things changing. New owning a car! 

Earlier this month I bought a 2003 Honda Civic. I love it! When I bought it, the drivers door lock wouldn't turn - No big deal, I can unlock the passengers door and reach over and unlock the drivers door, until I get the problem fixed. However...after about a week and a half, my passenger door wouldn't unlock! I was leaving work (or trying to!) and the doors wouldn't unlock! WHAT in the world am I supposed to do? My trunk unlocked, and since I "travel heavy" (as in, having at least one big bag full of stuff, with all times o.O) I was able to get that off my shoulder, so that I could fight my door without too much trouble. Long and embarrassing story short: Doors wouldn't unlock, so I climbed through my trunk. Yes, yes...the trunk. I'm sure it was very amusing to watch. Luckily for some, I was parked by the road exiting the theater - I'm sure the Bus travelers laughed at my struggle. But it worked! So for about a week I climbed humbly, through my trunk. Aaaannnnnndd then the trunk lock decided to join the others in their rebellion. Needless I can't lock my doors. So if anyone wants to break into my car...GO FOR IT. I only keep dirt and crumbs in there =P 
I thought I was adopting a little cutie that would do everything I wanted it to...glad things were clarified! I bought a drama pit ;-) And I'm sure y'all know how I LOVE drama. 

Anyway! I talked to a trusty mechanic friend - he suggested talking to a locksmith. That's my next project. 

So thats whats new.

Well...kinda new :-) 




How exciting about your car!!!! Haha! I can just imagine what it must look like to passersby to see someone climb in through the trunk! :) But I hope you get it all fixed soon. My dad gave me his old car so the second day I ha my license I was driving in a parking lot and it just stops. So my new (to me) car had to go into the shop and stayed there for weeks! (That's a long story!) But I have it back now and everything seems to be working fine except the turn signals can't be pushed down/up you have to hold it in position but I can live with that. :)

Becky K.

Love this post! Sorry about the locks but it definitely makes a great story.