Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Spring!

Hey y'all! I've deleted all of my older posts...I'm hoping to find a groove and blog more - we shall see. I feel like my blog so far has been SUPER random. I'm I guess it fits. But I just wanted to start fresh. Anyway!

IT'S SPRING! I love it! I'm loving all the sunshine. Can't wait for summer, flip-flops, dresses, skirts, SUN, ice cream, hiking, birthday parties, sweet tea, lemonade (or emmalade, depending on who you ask =)....), strawberries, sunglasses...all of those little things that are so easily overlooked. 

Like I always say - Life is NEVER dull. Growing up, I learned I should never say I was "bored" ;-) there was always something to do. And now, I can honestly say I am never bored. 

Thinking over the past year - I can see how the Lord has drastically changed my heart. This exact time last year, I was miserable. I was a sorry soul. And, by His grace...I am who I am today. His ways are not our ways. I am so thankful for that. I've had my life planned out many different ways..many different times - and thank the Lord none of my "plans" have ever worked out! 
I am constantly blown away by His grace and goodness. Many new possibilities have "opened up", for my future. I can finally see a clear direction for my life. And that is without me twisting it to "fit" into what I want. God is directing me. It's scary - but I have an enormous amount of peace, because He has opened the doors. I simply have to trust and walk through. 

I'm not very good at putting into words, all that I feel....Or all that He has truly done in me.


Lots of new things are happening. Life is exciting. 

Enjoy Spring! 




God is good!

I've seen Him work in your life this year especially.

I love you and am so proud of you!


Melissa Gill

Hey, quite deleting your old posts! They're part of your story and you may want to read them again one day.

Thanks for sharing your heart, Emma. I'd love to read more of your story. You may say you don't know how to put into words what you feel but you've made a really great start here! I feel the same way about writing, I don't know how to write all that's going on so that's why my blog's all pictures. :)


You are back. YAY Love you!!!